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Original Songs



One day

Leave me here

                 Gaze of love                    

                    Into the clouds
          I thought that life was gold


                   Quiet lullaby
               She doesn't give up
             Con le tue scarpe nere
                  Seme di marzo
               Timore e passione
                        Di cenere
                      Spirit wind
                     Circus Dream
                     Toxic Chant

                 Passo per Passo

SGB live


.............Pasqualino Maraja

          Oggi sono io

  Ancora ancora ancora

            Don Raffae'

      Tu no

   Ho visto Nina volare

       Brucio di te

      Via del campo

     Come tu mi vuoi

     Fuori citta'

     Ragazza mia

     Che bambola

       Amaro e' 'o bene


          Tintarella di luna




                Cosa resta..............

is an interdisciplinary performance that uses movement and song to explore the inconsistency and oppositions of human behavior. The dualities of human nature that can make life and love blossom or slowly die and vanish. Dreams and visions, illusions and awareness, creation and destruction, power and conflict are just some of the trans-cultural archetypes explored in “Unmeasurable Picture”. The collaborative of mediums presented in the performance wants to emphasize the importance of imagination and play in life, as necessary ingredients to feel the wholeness of existence and the unique and extraordinary experience of being human.

Read about it on i.Italy magazine


An evening of shared explorations and improvised works.

Photo by Marie Noyale

is a new collaborative project in development.

The piece is inspired by the symbolism and themes of the Myth of Persephone and Demeter and investigates initiation practices, the emergence of the feminine and the masculine in one being, the rise of patriarchy, the three essences of the feminine: the young maiden, the woman and the elder sage and sacred geometry through the creation of a physical, visual and sonic vocabulary that juxtaposes the forms of Noh and Kyogen Theater with contemporary dance, ritual, ethnic instruments, synthesizer and guitar sounds, as well as poetry, song and chant created with deconstructed text, made up and Italian language.


The work has been presented and supported by Estrogenius Festival 2019 at the Kranine Theater, NYC, SPAM Rete per le arti contemporanee, Italy and La MaMa ETC.

We are currently accepting booking inquires.

To book an Event contact us at


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